Early Works (2000-2003)

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Kurma Kolu / The Cock Arm, 05:54′ Experimental 2000

The movie was selected to official competion of Ankara Film Festival in year of 2001. It is a collage with fiction and some scenes from militaristic programmes of Turkish State Television.

Dalgalar /  Waves, 03:05′ Experimental 2001

“There is no sea in Ankara.” This is the excuse of why people from Istanbul does not like Ankara. Enjoy the waves.

Bok ve Devlet / Shit and the State, 01:19′ Experimental 2002

Proverbs written in toilets of Turkey are very interesting always. This proverb is from a female toilet in a famous university from Ankara, referring to Bakunin’s work ‘Statism and Anarchy’.

Tersi ve Düzü / Opposite and Straight, 02:23′ Experimental 2002

In the elite district of Ankara, walking with upside down camera.

Kalecinin Endişesi / Fear of Goalkeeper, 02:41′ Experimental 2003

in Turkish. Movie is about questioning ‘how hard to be a star in Turkey’ with some amateur football players.