Works until 2016

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Vallahades, 7′ Experimental, 2013

Movie is about some of Greek speaker muslim people living in a village in Turkey (in Greek only).

Güneş Batarken / During the Sunset, 13:33′ Fiction 2015

Story of two old fellows living in mountains. One is criminal, the other is an artist.

Venator, 10:00′ Fiction 2016

After receiving a sms, one man got a job and started to chase animals. But is it the real story?

Official Selections: 12M Film Festival, Festival International del Cortometraje FIC Argentina, South Film and Arts Academy Festival Chile in 2017

Fear Not, 04:05′ Experimental 2016

About Kurdish conflict in a south-western city of Turkey, or in other words how does it look like from amazing wiev of Bosphorous?

Dünyanın Sonunda / In the End of the World, 03:47′ Experimental 2016

In Ushuaia of Patagonia, visiting penguin island. But except lovely penguiens who were living in these lands actually?

Official Selection: 13ª Muestra Cine+Video Indigena Chile 2019

Awards: The Best Experimental Short Movie, Jumara Festival Internacional de Cine Indigena de Panama 2018

Karamanlılar / Karamanlides, 03:10′ Experimental 2016

Turkish speaker Christians forced to go to Greece in 1924. But they never forgot their mother tounges. Movie was shot in Pappadocia Art Residence in Cappadocia and shown in several art exhibitions in Ukraine.

From Darkness, 10:22′ Fiction 2016

This movie was made with some artists of I:O Art Residence 2016, for fun and memory.