Documentary & Other Works

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Welcome to Helikon, 09:46′ Introductory Video, 2017

Helikon Art Center is a unique place that you can make art or other creative activities.

Helikon Art Center Reklam, 00:54′ Advertisement 2017

Knife Making, 01:00′ Documentary 2018

Helikon Drone, 01:49′ Introductory Video, 2018

Shadow Theater, 09:15′ Documentary 2018

Breif history of Shadow Theater with scenes from a Greek Master.

Official Selections: Velcom Smartfilm Festival Minsk 2019, The Lift-off Online Film Festival 2019

Story of Setar, 02:46′ Documentary 2019

Only in Persian.

Metamorphosis, 01:00′ Video Performance 2019

Sculpture was shot by its own creator.