Alp Aslan was born in Ankara in 1973. He completed his studies in Ankara. He took courses in Art History, Sculpture and Film Analysis. He advanced his skills in film production and editing at the Audiovisual Research Centre (GISAM) of the Middle East Technical University. His movies were screened and awarded at several international festivals. He gave lectures on film analysis at a private high school in 2010. Aslan worked/lived abroad for a long time, meanwhile he gave a break to make movies for ten years. He always tries travelling around the world, he has visited about eighty countries so far. His travel experiences are published in the first print then online journal “Gezenti”. Some of his travel articles were published as book by Propaganda Publications in 2019 called “Road Memories of an Anarchist”. He has been working as the director or curator in Helikon Art Center recently.

About his works

Alp Aslan makes experimental and short fiction movies with no budget. He uses smart phones and personal relations to make his movies. His experimental movies are focused on ethnical problems, minority rights, endangered cultures etc. His fictional movies are silent and have criminal subjects.